Image Processing Projects 2014-15 year List

MatLab Projects List :

S.No Project Title Abstract
1 Finger Print Authentication Download
2 Image Reconstruction by using MATLAB Download
3 DCT Based Image Water marking Download
4 image compression using wavelet Download
5 Low bit rate image compression via down sampling and constrained least squares upconversion Download
6 Face detection system by using MATLAB Download
7 Vehicle number plate Segmentation using MATLAB Download
8 CANOPY Image Analysis by using MATLAB Download
9 Vehicle Traffic Patteringn at an Inter section by using Simulink events Download
10 Image or Vehicle Number plate Segmentation and Reorganization using MATLAB Download
11 Tanklevel Controller Download
12 Analysis of AWGN Channel using Adaptive Equalizer Download
13 Image Reorganization of Deformas using MATLAB Download
14 Performance Analysis of Channel Estimation and Adaptive Equalization in Slow Fading Channel Download
15 Image compression with neural network using MATLAB Download
16 image mosaicing using MATLAB Download
17 Finger Print Recognization System Download
18 LSB Steganography Using MATLAB Simulation Download
19 Fourier-Mellin based Image Registration (with GUI) using MATLAB Simulation Download
20 Local Adaptive Thresholding Download
21 Rigid and non rigid image registration using sumulink Download
22 Image masking Recognization Download
23 Character Recognition Using Neural Networks Download
24 One-To-One Face Matching Download
25 Development of Medical Image Compression Download
26 Iris Recognition System Download
27 webcam based facial recognition Download
28 Facial Expression Recognition using MATLAB Download
29 Facial Recognition System Based on Centralization using MATLAB Download
30 Shape Recognition Download
31 Face Recognition System Based on Histogram Techniques Download
32 Morphological Background Detection and Enhancement of Images With Poor Lighting Download
33 Cheque Number Reader Download
34 Multi-Wavelets for Different Images Download
35 Implementation of Steganography Download
36 Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification of Pixel Difference Download
37 High Speed Face Recognition Based on Discrete Cosine Transforms and Neural Networks Download
38 PCA Based face Recognition System Download
39 Image Compression using neural network Download
40 Optical character Recognition for Handwriting Isolated Words Using MATLAB Download

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