Embedded Projects 2014-15 year List

Embedded System Projects List :

S.No Project Title Abstract
1 Intelligent Traffic Light and Density Control Using IR Sensor and Microcontroller. Download
2 Intelligent Traffic Signal Control Using Wireless Sensor Networks. Download
3 Real Time Health Monitoring System of Remote Patient Using Microcontroller. Download
4 Microcontroller Based Interactive Voice Response System For College Automation. Download
5 Mobile Phone (DTMF) Controlled Electrical Device Switching System. Download
6 Using Tv Remote As Cordless Mouse For The Computer Download
7 Embedded Security System. Download
8 Pc Based Temperature Monitoring And Controlling. Download
9 Auto Night Lamp Using High Power Led. Download
10 Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System. Download
11 Home Automation (Ac/Dc) Device Controlling Using Pc Interface. Download
12 Pc Controlled Scrolling Message Display For Notice Board. Download
13 Street Light That Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement. Download
14 Automatic Door Opening and Closing System With Movement Sense (IR Sensors). Download
15 Gsm based industrial security system. Download
16 Design of solar tracking energy system. Download
17 Wireless data communication using radio frequency. Download
18 Radio frequency (RF 433 MHz) based industrial device controlling system. Download
19 Development of microcontroller based object flow measurement. Download
20 Automatic room light controller with visitor counting using microcontroller. Download
21 Control electrical appliances through personal computer.. Download
22 PC based single channel data acquisition. Download
23 Industrial safety control system. Download
24 Home automation using Television remote control. Download
25 Programmable street line control system. Download
26 Cell phone operated land rover. Download
27 IR TV remote controlled DC motor speed controller with password protection Download
28 Embedded Real time Clock based Industrial Devices Control System. Download
29 Microcontroller based advanced automatic city street light control system. Download
30 Industrial advanced temperature monitoring and control system. Download
31 Microcontroller based water level monitoring and control system.. Download
32 Embedded based electronic voting machine system.. Download
33 PC keyboard interfacing through microcontroller. Download
34 Automatic Fire sensing and controlling robot. Download
35 Obstacle detection robot using ultrasonic sensors.. Download
36 Radio frequency based DC motor speed control system. Download
37 Real time clock interfacing with microcontroller. Download
38 Automatic missile detection and destroying system. Download
39 Temperature controlled fan. Download
40 I2c protocol implementation using real time clock Download
41 Continuous health monitoring system for patients. Download
42 Robot control using wireless communication (radio frequency). Download
43 Microcontroller based level indicator. Download
44 Microcontroller Based Level Indicator. Download
45 Automatic Irrigation System. Download
46 Green House Monitoring System Download
47 Multi Channel Data Acquisition System. Download
48 Microcontroller Based Clap Switches. Download
49 Dc Motor Control Using Pc (Pulse Width Modulation Technique). Download
50 Micro-Controller Based Intelligent College Bell Download
51 Gsm (Mobile) Based Stepper Motor Speed Control. Download
52 Microcontroller Based Electronic Code Lock system Download
53 Pc Based Stepper Motor Speed Control. Download
54 Embedded Based Security System Using Ir Sensors. Download
55 Implementation Of Rs485 Protocol (Device Controlling). Download
56 Dual Temperature Display Download
57 Keep Distance Warning System Download
58 Fire Monitoring System Download
59 Home Security System Download
60 Metal Detection Robot Download
61 Mobile Controlled Robot Download
62 6Micro Controller Based Temperature Lcd Display Download
63 Speed Synchronization Of Two Dc Motors Download
64 RF Based (Wireless) Temperature Monitoring.. Download
65 Automatic Humidity Control For Refrigerator. Download
66 Scrolling Message Display. Download
67 Embedded Based Elevator Control System Download
68 Multi-Level Car Parking System (Car parking). Download
69 Traffic Priority For Ambulance Download
70 DTMF Based Device Controlling Download

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